Our philosophy is to design and develop our own subdivisions and to build our own homes within those subdivisions. We have found that by maintaining control of our own building lots and the construction of each home, we are able to create continuity in the overall quality of our neighborhoods.

Add our extensive experience with the local and state building authorities, and you can be sure that we know the process and people that it takes to navigate the home development process.

And finally, we are continuously educating our selves and contractors to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and techniques to build the best roads, home and infrastructure in the area. Building safety and energy codes are constantly evolving and our expertise and training keep W.B. Construction up to date.

We Buy Land

Do you have a piece of land available? We are always looking for land suitable for our single family projects or larger developments.

PleaseĀ contact us if you have land available in southeastern Massachusetts.